What Can You Do With Infinite Data?

These days, we can do everything online. Shopping, paying bills, catching up with family all can be done as long as you have a smartphone and a postpaid plan for internet connection. With the advancement of technology, we have changed the way we live.

Since we carry out most of our daily activities online, having enough data becomes a concern. Without enough data or a stable internet connection, how else are you catch up with your peers and friends?

We need enough data to perform our favourite past times, but what about having infinite data? Check out these popular activities you can do with a postpaid plan with unlimited data!

Hours of HD YouTube videos

YouTube is a great platform to watch videos of any genre. With infinite data, you can watch all your favourite videos whenever you want. If you are viewing YouTube videos in its default settings for mobile use, you’ll use approximately 240MB of data each hour, and that equals to 160 hours every month!

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Listen to Spotify all-day

Music lovers, rejoice! With infinite data, you can listen to your favourite artists and songs even while sleeping! If you are a Spotify user with 40GB of fast data, you can stream 240 hours of high-quality music!

Endless scrolling on Facebook

If you’re familiar with social media, you’re probably no stranger to the mindless scrolling through your newsfeed, especially on Facebook. Lurking on Facebook for an hour costs 80MB, and 40GB gives you enough data to enjoy Facebook for 480 hours every month Imagine how much memes you can share with infinite data!

Provide hotspot for others

Sharing is caring, and it’s also true when it comes to unlimited data. Be a sport and tether your limitless data to your friends and family so everyone can enjoy it! Even if you have nobody to share it, you can use it as a mobile hotspot for your other devices such as tablets or laptops.


With unlimited data, the possibilities are endless. Don’t limit yourself and start signing up for a postpaid plan with infinite data! Visit https://www.digi.com.my/shop/postpaid-plans-overview for more information.

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