Ways to Make Your Job Advertisement More Attractive

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When there’s a vacancy in your team, you’ll probably about to put up a job advertisement to get you the right people. On its own, a regular job ad can be effective. However, there are several ways you could make it even more attractive and get the right candidate to your door!

1. Personalise

As an employer, you should have in mind the kind of people suited for the job you’re offering. So you must personalise your advert with that person in mind. If you’re unsure of what kind of people you’re looking to hire, think about people (past and present) who do a similar job to the one you’re advertising. From there on, you could work to appeal to these candidates.  

2. Avoid unnecessary words

Buzzwords and titles like ‘marketing wizard’ or ‘sandwich craftsman’ are exciting but could actually backfire on you. They might seem like a good way to attract job seekers, but these cliches may just put people off from applying to your company. Plus, words like these are terrible for search engine optimisation, so you risk the potential visibility of your ad. 

job advertisement jobstreet ph

3. Share your values

Morals and values are important to people. Applicants want to know they’re working for a company that cares. So if you have any shared values, include them in! For example, companies showcasing their green efforts and policies for mothers could attract more millennials and female candidates to apply.

4. Use visuals!

In a time and age where everything is shareable on social media, you might consider using visuals to attract and convey your job offer. A job ad with graphics has an added advantage than your average job posting. With attractive fonts and colours, the right candidates would stop to consider applying to you over the other ads you’ll be listed against. 


With these tiny steps, you’ll get the best candidate into that vacancy in no time! If you’re looking to put up a job ad for a vacancy, click here https://www.jobstreet.com.ph/en/cms/employer/ to see how Jobstreet could help you with that!

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