Taking Pictures On Your Mobile Phone Like A Pro

Smartphones camera quality are now competing with actual cameras quality, making it more accessible for people to pick up photography as a hobby. Mobile photography is now widely known as a genre of itself in the photography world.

If you ever want to pick up this hobby, you have to choose a phone that is equipped with a great camera, one of the best options in the market is Vivo V5s.

Other than that, there are some tips for you to take pictures with your mobile like a pro, let’s get into it

Avoid that zoom in button

If you want to take pictures of an object that is fairly far from where you are standing, get closer to the object instead of zooming in with your phone. Using zoom-ins on your phone is never really the best thing you can do when you are taking pictures on your phone.

So zoom in with your feet!

This doesn’t mean literally of course, but walk closer, not only you will get the best result, you will probably discover new objects and perspective along the way.

Angles will make it or break it

See things differently and utilize that angle to produce a picture that is uniquely yours. You can take a picture of a city and be making it look like a miniature city or making an ant looks like a giant, think out of the box!

Try as many different angles as possible, photography is all about trying and error. No need to worry you can always delete what you don’t want to use.

Utilize the apps

There is nothing wrong about editing your pictures. If it is not excessive and you feel like it will bring out the best potential of the photo you are taking, go ahead and edit it out, make the photo as best as you can be.

The best thing about mobile photography is you have easier access to editing applications so you can just take pictures and pop it into an app, easy, and portable.

Have a lot of fun!

Photography is an art form and art is supposed to be fun! So have fun while you are doing it, express yourself through photography. At the same time, do your best by taking your pictures with the best phone for mobile photography which is Vivo V5s, to know more about V5s visit http://www.vivo.com/my/products/v5s now.

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