Quick Tips To Buy Family Car

Like it or not, the car has become a necessity for a family, both in urban or rural. If your family size exceeds five, you have no choice but to purchase a MPV or 7 seater SUV. For families who still fit in a car, we today discusses the 4 key criteria you need to consider before you decide to buy a new car for your family.

7 Seater SUV malaysia

1. Safety equipment

It really depends on your budget. Premium vehicles often have more modern and sophisticated security tools. However, there are several vehicle companies offering high security features at affordable prices.  

All vehicles now come with ABS brakes (except for motorcycles) and this allows you to brace strongly while controlling your vehicle to avoid the object in front. Almost 90 percent of cars in Malaysia are equipped with at least one air bag. More, better. Remember, family safety is your responsibility.

2. Practicality

Each family has different needs. Before buying, take the items you are about to take while walking to make sure the boot room is fit. For example, bring all family members and suitcases blank and see if the car is loading or not. Do not be ashamed to try because the car price is not RM2.50 and often we owe more than six years for a car purchase.

For small families, make sure the stroller is fit because nowadays many young families who love to buy big and expensive strollers but their vehicles are too small to carry them. Forget style, more practicality.

In general, sedan trucks for families should have a 500 liters of boot size. For those who want a hatchback, think about how to load things when you go home. Putting inside items will cause discomfort to the passengers, and this is not so astute because during the accident, the item could be objects that could fly and injure or kill passengers.  

You can use a storage box on the roof but it will raise the cost of fuel (air resistance) and cause wind noise that may be too strong for you.

3. Space cabin

The car cabin space is increasingly sophisticated and getting “smart”. Honda Jazz for example has an Ultra Seat back seat that can be folded up to load high objects like a flowering tree. Perodua has a “drawer” under the chair to store manuals or for women guides, shoes.  For example, Mitsubishi Outlander has huge cabin space.

Cabin color is also important. Bright colors look luxurious but they are also very dirty and you need to spend extra to clean them. For those who have small children, skin wrapping is most practical for easy wiping of milk or so on. For fabric wraps, try looking for a Scotchgard spray from a 3M brand that can make the fabric waterproof.

Also check that the cabin has enough space / luggage storage bag, glass handle and 12V socket. Right now, almost everybody has a henfone, so most cars have more than one 12V socket.  

Entertainment is also important, especially with children. If it comes with a DVD player and a screen as a standard, this is already a saving because if it is installed out, the cost may be high and the warranty may be canceled.

4. Fuel savings

As this is a family car, the acceleration from 0 to 100 km is not as important as fuel savings. For maximum savings, the hybrid engine is the top choice.  

Check the maximum engine capacity and torque and torque size and compare it with the weight of the vehicle. If the engine is too small and the car body is big, the fuel consumption may be high.

Here are several brands of vehicles that already have the economic mode to save oil. For example, Perodua, Nissan, Honda and others. However, read the manual given because there is a better economic mode for driving in the city. If used when driving on the highway, it may be more powerful.

The fuel consumption test given by the car maker is rarely accurate as Malaysia still has no procedure requiring fuel use testing done by the parent body in the country. Tests in colder countries are likely to show more economical vehicles due to the cool weather factors and different engine specifications / weight vehicles.  

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