Dual camera systems: Is two is better than one?

vivo y91

Smartphone technology is always changing, and if your phone doesn’t keep up with the trends quick enough, it’s likely that people will judge it to be less than top tier. These days, it’s all about dual camera systems in smartphones.

Just like its name suggests, dual camera means two cameras. Smartphones like the Vivo Y91 with dual cameras have two independent cameras installed on the back of the phone, each with different lens and sensor.

Not all dual camera phones are equal

Although most smartphones have two cameras, it doesn’t mean they have the same setup or quality. Dual camera systems could have different lens types, sensor sizes, resolutions and configurations.

Why are there so many variations?

So why do different brands have different setups for dual camera systems? It’s because different phone brands put priority in different features they think customers are seeking. Some phones can capture wide-angle shots, while others have telephoto lens.

vivo y91

Is dual camera systems better?

As no dual camera systems are created equal, are they better than single camera settings? Dual camera systems generally offer better performance than a single camera system, but there are some exceptions such as the Google Pixel 2.

Are they here to stay?

Technologies like the iris scanner and 3D tech come and go, but it’s more likely that the dual camera systems are here to stay. Whether the system improves to a tri-camera system or a multi-camera system, it’s safe to say that technology will only get better and better.


If you’re looking for a smartphone with a dual camera system, make sure you know you’re seeking. Determine your needs and evaluate a phone’s camera system before purchasing.

The Vivo Y91 has a dual camera system that captures professional-grade bokeh shots. Visit http://www.vivo.com/my/products/y91 for more information.

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