Choosing The Best Child Delivery Method

What are my options?

Your due date is still coming in a long time, but you want to be prepared when it comes. You decided to discover the options that you have for childbirth.

Cesarean Section or Natural birth.

Both options seem viable for now but you want to know more about the options and what are the benefit of both Cesarean and Natural birth.

Read along to know more about it.

Natural Birth

Out of the two, natural birth is safer and cheaper compared to cesarean section. It is also the choice that most moms take to deliver their child because of the two reasons. Some moms also said that natural birth gave a rather different experience.

Like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to natural birth, but let’s focus on the advantages, which are:

  • Safer for mom and baby
  • Shorter recovery time
  • More comfortable as you are able to choose your own position to deliver

To overcome the pain, which is more apparent in natural birth, you can use epidural, which is a anesthesia that is usually used for birth.

Cesarean Section

Cesarean section is another option for moms to deliver. Usually, c-section is done if the moms are not medically capable to delivery with natural birth, for example, if the baby is too big to deliver naturally if the baby’s position is not right for a natural birth, and so on.

C-section can also be planned, and that is a different thing of itself. Planned c-section, in theory, is actually the same, but the reason for moms to take planned one is usually different.

Although not recommended sometimes moms choose c-section to choose the date of birth for their child too.


Before choosing your method of birth, it goes without saying that you should always consult your doctor and do your own research. To know more about the choices of childbirth method visit and do your research.

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