Buying Insurance: Direct Or From An Agent?

We never know what life might throw at us, so it is a wise decision to invest in something to take care of our long-term well-being.

There are two ways to apply for an insurance policy, whether it be direct or through an agent. Both are viable options. One of the best online insurance in Malaysia is AIG

But, which is the better way to get insurance?

Buying through an agent

Buying your insurance through an agent is very useful in dealing with someone who knows how insurance companies work makes your life much easier.

In times of emergency, the agent is there to help you file claims. Given the complicated process of making a claim, having an insurance agent by your side is great.

Other than that, agents can be a one-stop solution for all of your insurance needs. Some agents offer more than one type of insurance. Aside from that, a number of agents might also offer bundle deals.

But of course, there is a downside too. Agents earn commissions from insurance sales, hence you might pay slightly more for an extra bit of security.

Buying direct

Buying insurance direct means cutting the middleman off, meaning that you don’t need to pay additional agent fees of any sort.

In the past, it is not possible for people to buy insurance directly from an insurance company. Today, the convenience of the internet allows us to access quotations and calculate our insurance coverage easily.

More insurance companies now allow people to get a quotation through their website – A faster and more efficient way, especially for people who are in a rush or prefer to avoid the hassle of meeting up with an agent.

Although it seems faster, buying insurance direct also has its own disadvantages. Buying direct means that you are handling everything yourself – including having to file claims on your own. You won’t have an agent to settle these things for you.


Be it buying insurance through agent or direct, getting yourself covered by a reliable insurance company is very important. AIG is a leading insurance company in Malaysia that offers you the convenience of obtaining a quotation online. Head over to to get a quote now.

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