5 Ways to Protect Your Knees

Maintaining healthy knees is critical for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. Your knees can be often sore, tight, may swell or ache. Injured hips and weak muscles, ligament injuries or overweight can lead to knee pain. Minor structural knee misalignment will lead to arthritis and knee injuries later in life.


You can protect your knees by staying active and strengthening the right muscles at any age – but take these precautions:




If you are experiencing arthritis or other structural knee problems, you should know that wearing a knee guard will be able to help you protect your knees. Wearing a knee guard also helps to improve your body posture. Weak knees can affect your body posture that can hurt your spine.

knee guard


  • Strengthen your muscles


Flexibility exercises help to build up muscles to stabilize your knees. However, you should not bulk up one group and forget about the rest. Quads, hamstrings, hip abductors and adductors muscles are the most important group.



  • Juice up your joints


Therapeutic heat boosts circulation around joints and results in accelerated healing, increased mobility, and pain relief. Before you exercise, apply a thermal wrap for about 25 minutes or until you feel your knees loosen up. This will avoid muscles and joints injuries.



  • Pick the right exercises


Pick the right exercises that put less stress on your knees like swimming or cycling. Opt for flat surfaces when you’re exercising and avoid sports that will put extra stress on your knees such as downhill running or knee bends.


  • Active rest


After an intense workout, you should do some non-weight-bearing exercises to relieve sore joints. You can ride a bike, hop on a rowing machine or swim a few laps. Passive yoga poses also help to keep your knees healthy and flexible.  



These five ways can help strengthen your knees and prevent injuries. However, if you ever experience an accident or trauma, seek medical advice and follow up with any rehabilitation recommendations you receive.


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