5 Things to Consider When Looking For An Office Space

office space

Your office space isn’t just an area where you work; it is a space to build and grow your business. If it doesn’t meet the conditions of an ideal working environment, it could affect your day to day operations, your morale, and your company image.

If you’re currently in the market looking for office space, here are some things you  mustn’t overlook:


The location of your office is crucial not just for you, but also for your employees and clients. Is it easy to get there? Is there public transportation nearby? Can you find food around the area? If the office space checks all these boxes, you’re on your way to a good location.

office space

Security and access

Depending on your business, does your office space require high-security levels or additional entry points? Can your employees get into the office whenever they want or stay over the weekend? Does everyone need an identification card to get in?


How much space you need for your business is an essential factor when choosing an office space. How many employees does your company have? Are you planning to expand your business soon? Besides a working area, do you have enough place to rest or somewhere for employees to eat their lunch? If you fail to choose a space that fits your company, it will affect your staff morale and reduce productivity.


Other than a working area, your office space also must have additional features that help your business, such as a reliable internet connection and a working printer. If you can’t ensure the reliability and quality of these infrastructures, you should look for another office location.


The price you pay for your office is undoubtedly the most crucial factor when looking for a working space. Spend too little, and you’ll probably find yourself unsatisfied with it. Spend too much, and you’ll likely struggle with rent. Ask yourself these questions: can you pay a three-month rent deposit on this office right now? Are there any hidden costs? Is there a better location with a similar price?


When choosing an office space, make sure you’re able to say yes to any of the questions above. Deciding poorly on your office space would not only cost you money but also affect your business performance and employees.

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